10 questions and 1 bonus question

Which of these schools did Charles attend?
  University of Arizona
  Northern Arizona University
  Arizona State University
  University of Phoenix

Which of these schools did Charles attend?
  Louisiana Tech University
  Grambling State University
  Georgia State University

Charles is a fan of what pro basketball team?
  L.A. Lakers
  Dallas Mavericks
  Houston Rockets
  San Antonio Spurs

Charles lives in which city?
  Dallas, TX
  Round Rock, TX
  Austin, TX
  Tempe, AZ

Which of these songs is NOT on Charles's top 100 of all time?
  Earth Wind and Fire - "After the love is gone"
  Cameo - "Candy"
  Depeche Mode - "Home"
  Madonna - "Crazy for you"

According to the top of Charles's biography page he is misunderstood as ...
  geniuses always are
  fools always are
  frenchmen always are
  LSU fans always are

Which of these books is on Charles's favorite books page?
  Fight Club
  Childhood's End
  Origin of the species
  Little Women

Which of these movies is NOT on Charles's favorite movie page?
  Dog Day Afternoon
  The Godfather
  The Conversation
  Raising Arizona

Where is Charles From?
  The south of England
  West Texas

Which of these television shows is NOT on Charles's guilty pleasure page?
  Falcon Crest
  Star Trek
  Red Dwarf

BONUS : Which person listed below is Charles most like?
  George Washington
  Martin Luther King
  John Wayne

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